Construction Project Manager Job Description


A construction project manager is accountable for coordinating all parties involved in a construction project. He/she has to make sure that quality construction occurs according to a given time frame and within the budgetary constraints. The project manager supervises the development of the project in every phase and solves problems that may arise along the way.


A project manager is responsible for the following: overseeing the project from beginning to end; determining the objectives and plans of a project; deciding on performance requirements; choosing the participants in a project; managing the construction budget; making sure that construction is progressing according to schedule; communicating with the contractors in charge of the different phases of the project; coordinating all the groups involved in the project; regularly monitoring the development of the construction activities; and maintaining strict compliance to budgetary limits, quality work, and safety rules.

Education and Training Requirements

Most employers opt for construction project managers who have a four-year bachelor’s degree in fields such as construction management or construction science. Some also consider those holding a degree in architecture or engineering with supplementary experience or knowledge in accounting and business. Having a post graduate degree in construction management is considered an advantage. Currently, certification of construction managers is becoming popular to guarantee that they possess the necessary knowledge and skills for industry standards and procedures.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To be successful in this field, construction managers must possess an excellent communication skill, problem-solving ability and effective time-management skill. They must have the ability to plan and coordinate a team effort. It is also necessary that they are familiar with different aspects of construction and the local workplace safety rules and guidelines. Because things don’t always occur as planned, a project manager must be able to work competently even under extreme pressure.

Working Conditions

Construction project managers work either in the main office where the overall project is being monitored or at the construction site. Construction managers make the most of the advance telecommunications and Internet access by being onsite and still be in constant communication with the office. They are usually on call 24 hours a day to handle interruptions, bad weather, or emergency situations at the jobsite. Most managers work more than 40 hours a week to meet special project deadlines.


The annual construction project manager salary ranges from $55,000 to $95,000. Compensations vary depending on employer size, industry, credentials, and work experience.

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