Construction Superintendent Job Description


Construction superintendents are generally accountable for the overall activities at the construction site. His most important task is to handle scheduling and timing and to ensure that the project stays within the budgetary limit.


Duties of a construction superintendent include the following: synchronizes and oversees the work of the laborers; guarantees that all contractors are complying with the project requirements and building codes; ensures that construction occurs according to schedule; ensures the proper implementation of both the health and safety project plans; ensures strict compliance to budgetary constraints; organizes workers and ensures that they are doing their duties; keeps a record of the purchases and payments for work done; communicates with government inspectors on the standard safety requirements on the site; and monitors the project construction progress to ensure that it is finished on time.

Education and Training Requirements

Large construction firms usually prefer persons who have a combination of industry work experience and a bachelor’s degree in construction management, construction science, or civil engineering. Graduates from other 4-year degree programs usually are employed to assist construction superintendents. To broaden their career, some construction superintendents acquire a master’s degree in business administration or finance. Those who hold a doctoral degree teach in college or do some research.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Construction superintendent must be able to work efficiently under time pressure. They should be able to make proper decisions, especially when facing unforeseen events. The ability to synchronize several major activities while studying and solving specific issues is vital. Good oral and written communication skills and leadership skills are also essential. Managers must have the ability to create an excellent working relationship with the different people involved in the project.

Working Conditions

Construction superintendents either work in the main office where the overall construction project is observed or at the construction site. With the advancement of telecommunications, it is now possible for superintendents to be onsite and still maintain contact with the office. Decisions on daily construction work are generally done at the site. Most superintendents work for more than 40 hours weekly because construction may be in progress around-the-clock. For this reason, he must always be on call 24 hours a day to face emergency situations that may cause some delays to the project.


Salaries of a construction manager differ depending upon the size and nature of the construction project, the place where it is located, and economic conditions. But generally, their median annual earnings are $63,500.

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