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Innovative Content Strategist Job Description

A content strategist job description includes professionals who can create, deliver and govern the content that makes up a website in its entirety. Content strategists may work for large corporations or on a freelance basis.

Position Description

A content strategist is responsible for the processes behind the development of a website for a client or employer. This individual ensures that content is findable, actionable, shareable and understandable in various forms.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Content Strategist

  • Helps with CMS selection, management and use.
  • Works with part of a website design team in order to ensure elemental compatibility.
  • Develops content strategy documents and reports for employers and clients.
  • Assesses, catalogues, and organizes website content into what is known as content inventory.
  • Works closely with an information architect to ensure that content is ‘well-built’.
  • Writes content according to client specifications.
  • Adds links, keywords and resources to content as necessary.
  • Edits content that has been written by others.
  • Develops and enforces editorial guidelines for teams of content writers.
  • Defines and enforces the workflow for various projects.
  • Creates search engine optimization plans.
  • Conducts content workshops to educate clients and employers.
  • Mentors other content strategists.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Possesses strong analytical skills and empathizes with audiences.
  • Understands various writing styles and the ways in which media can enhance the written word.
  • Is aware of interaction design principles including accessibility and usability issues.
  • Grasps the impact of technical issues.
  • Understands legal issues such as copyright infringement, plagiarism, libel, and obscenity legislation.
  • Has a clear and concise ability to edit others’ writing.
  • Works well under pressure and multitasks.
  • Is able to collect and present data in a way that is useful to clients and employers.
  • Is creative in his or her writing and can convey ideas clearly in a way that is relevant to the industry.

Education and Experience

Content strategists should be educated at the university level and possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, literature or marketing but any field is often acceptable. There is no special certification required to work as a content strategist, but the ability to provide examples of published works is imperative. Candidates must possess some experience in content writing, editing, marketing and design and should be fluent in Windows-based desktop applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Work Environment

The content strategist most often works in an office setting, usually in a cubicle with other members of a team who are responsible for website creation and development. In some cases, he or she may be able to work at home; this is particularly true during the content writing and editing phases of development. He or she will need to be able to work under deadlines in order to ensure that projects stay on schedule, so some mental pressure is common with this position.


The amount of money a content strategist earns varies greatly depending upon the client for whom he or she is working and the amount of experience he or she has. Content strategists earned about $65,000 per year as a national average. Those who have more experience or whose work is in high demand are likely to earn much more than this. It is also important to consider that freelance content strategists earn varying salaries from project to project, but the national average that they are paid per hour is $55.

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