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Strategic Curriculum Coordinator Job Description

The curriculum coordinator job description calls for an individual who is capable of serving as a leader of a school district. The candidate should be able to develop, implement and maintain the school district’s instructional program.

Position Description

A curriculum coordinator’s primary purpose is to create and implement an education plan that meets the needs of students. He or she makes recommendations to teachers and other faculty in regard to the ways in which various subjects are being taught in order to enhance learning.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Curriculum Coordinator

  • Develops components of a school district’s teaching plans which include curriculum-related plans, technological plans, mentoring plans and equity plans.
  • Compiles and files surveys that are required by individual states.
  • Oversees state testing programs and analyzes the results of these tests.
  • Aligns curriculum with the core standards of the state in which he or she works.
  • Provides constant and ongoing evaluations of teaching standards including annual updates and revisions.
  • Investigates and gathers resources that aid in the implementation of teaching plans.
  • Ensures that all curricula complies with No Child Left Behind acts, Gifted and Talented legislation and remedial learning legislation; identifies students who may be impacted by these programs.
  • Implements professional development requirements including programs dealing with drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Provides ongoing training for staff during the implementation of new programs.
  • Organizes in-house staff development training.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Understands principles and trends regarding the development of curriculum.
  • Has knowledge of various methods of teaching and instruction.
  • Understands all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • Possesses above average knowledge in regard to technical writing.
  • Has knowledge of various needs assessment and research methods.
  • Skilled in researching and evaluating standards in curriculum.
  • Able to solve problems independently and manage projects alone.
  • Can use computers and other forms of technology to gather data, communicate and report to other individuals and agencies.

Education and Experience

A curriculum coordinator must possess a Bachelor’s degree in education or very closely related fields, but those who have Master’s or even Doctorate degrees in education are often in demand.In a few cases, experience in a related field may substitute for a degree; here, at least five years’ experience in some form of curriculum development is preferred. Most school districts require their curriculum coordinators have previous experience teaching students and a license to do so. In the majority of school districts, an education administrator’s license is preferred over a teacher’s license.

Work Environment

While the curriculum coordinator typically has a private office within the school district’s headquarters, he or she will spend some time travelling between the various schools in the district. Candidates will sometimes work long or irregular hours, even working at home to develop new plans and programs. Coordinators will also need to meet with teachers and other school faculty for meetings before and after school, and they will need to be present during in-service meetings.


While teachers and principals often take breaks in the summer, a curriculum coordinator does not and thereby earns a higher salary. As of 2010, the median annual salary for curriculum coordinators in the United States was $58,830. However, the highest paid 10%, or those who have earned Doctorate degrees and have years of experience, can earn upward of $93,000 per year. Entry-level positions often account for the lowest-paid 10% in the country, and these positions paid an average of $33,490 during the same year.

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