Strategic Editorial Manager Job Description


An Editorial Manager manages the company’s strategy related to writing and editing. He/she can work in a newspaper, magazine, advertising company or within the PR department of an organization from various industries. The Editorial Manager will be in charge of content production, which includes the development, editing, management, quality control and implementation, while coordinating with various professionals and several departments. Editorial managers ensure that the company or department creates powerful content that would assist in generating quality leads, extending brand influence, growing customer lists and increasing market share. In the print industry, editorial managers ensure all content published maintain the “voice” and “stand” of the paper.


An Editorial Manager writes articles, press releases, blog posts, social media updates, newsletters, webinars and books. Editorial managers supervise and oversee the editorial production, from idea generation to publication. They also edit all content before publication to ensure written materials provide the most impact or views. They also determine, analyze, choose and perform different promotional activities on various marketing platforms. Editorial managers also help the sales department in developing press releases, or advertisement scripts. They also lead the planning and promoting of products through different editorial avenues. Aside from continuously conducting research on interesting editorial stories using a variety of resources, editorial managers also determines new ways of implementing editorial and content methodologies. They apply quantitative techniques and audit the quality and effectiveness of editorial. He actively participates in events, workshops, seminars and clinics.

Education and Training Requirements

An Editorial Manager should have a Bachelors Degree in journalism, publishing, English or a related field. In addition, they should have seven or more years work experience in other related field. This position prefers an individual to attain master’s degree. Usually a person would need to start as a reporter or writer in order to get to the position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An Editorial Manager evaluates the journalistic and professional quality of the content. They should have advanced Microsoft Office knowledge and basic knowledge on internet and e-mail marketing, which includes promoting through websites, emails, newsletters and other platforms.

Working Conditions

An Editorial Manager works in an office. They have regular working hours from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday but sometimes may need to extend hours depending on works and deadlines. They sit work for long periods in front of a desk or computer. Travelling may also be necessary if there is a demand for it.


An Editorial Manager may receive an average pay of $58,000. The amount of salary of an Editorial Manager may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. Others like media relations manager also receive a pay amounting to $46,000 annually.

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