Grant Writer Job Description


A grant writer is responsible for preparing to single out funds for an organization’s project. Usually, these organizations are non-profit. If the grant writer finds a prospect funding entity, he needs to use his writing skills persuading them to support the organization’s activities.


From one organization to the other, the job category of a grant writer may actually differ. Yet, there are several probabilities that seems to be a standard already of that industry. A number of the general job descriptions of a grant writer includes having a comprehensive knowledge about the program of the organization that he o she is asking funds for. To be able this knowledgeable, he or she should converse with the people who are vital in the organization and who are able to answer some questions asked when having the research on this project. He or she may carry out comprehensive research regarding the funding organization and write and send out grant applications that are written clearly and effectively. Also, he or she should also be able to evaluate the viability of the financial plan of the project involved as well as firmly stick on to these guidelines. The grant writer should maintain in touch with the funding organization in order to verify developments on it once the grant proposal has already been submitted,. Lastly, if he or she is asked to, the grant writer presents a progress report to the funding agency that has supported a certain program.

Education and Training Requirements

Typically, a grant writer holds a bachelor’s degree in a field related to communication or marketing, though this is not required. Many grant writers has an excellent writing background because they are asked to write grant proposals. However, many grant writers gain their knowledge while executing their job. Rich workplace experience is a big plus in this kind of work as you will be able to find good sources of funds.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

The first prerequisite for job is good writing skill. But, you must also be persuasive so that the funding agency would consider the grant proposal you submitted. You should be analytical and creative as well in coming up of a grant proposal that would influence the funding entity. It is also important that you are a detail-oriented person since small details are crucial in making grant proposals.

Working Conditions

The office is where a grant writer stays. It is located along other member’s place. However, the nature of their work makes them go in and out of the office more frequently. At one day, they are working on some grant proposals in the office. On another day, they may be travelling to meet with important people.


A grant writer earns an average income of $51,967 for a year. But it can also run from $46,484 to $60,538 in a single year. A more experienced grant writer obviously earns more. However the salary varies according to the details such as the organization’s size and its locality as well as the job requirement. They may also get other benefits like paid vacation, sick leaves and medical expenses as well.

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