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Motivated Hair Salon Manager Job Description


A hair salon manager is responsible for efficient profitability and running of the hair salon by making sure that the count numbers of the customers are maintained and reviewed. A hair salon manager takes into account all the standards of hairdressing and customer services are being carried out according to the policies of the company that are in force.


A hair salon manager must be familiar with the beauty industry. She is responsible for researching and keeping the salon styles, techniques and services up to date and at par with the other local salons. She hires and trains all newly hired staff in order to give the best service to their clients. The hair salon manager also handles the schedule of the staff which includes the stylists, receptionists and even the apprentices. She is also responsible for signing the paperwork for their payroll. A hair salon manager is also in charge of the business side of the hair salon. She devises ways to advertise and sell the hair salons products by giving special offers and promos. A hair salon manager handles and cares for her customers. She makes sure that they are satisfied, and takes care of complaints and handles it in a quick manner.

Education and Training Requirements

A hair salon manager does not necessarily need a bachelor’s degree, but she has to at least have gone through courses and subjects that are related to the beauty industry. Before becoming a hair salon manager, one must have an experience as a salon receptionist, an assistant manager or a hair salon assistant. These entry-level titles serve as the foundation of those vying for the hair salon manager title. Those with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and other related courses, with a background in the beauty industry may also be considered by the employers.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a successful hair salon manager, one must be a licensed hairstylist, barber or cosmetologist depending on the requirements of the state they are in. She must be personable and have great oral communication skills. She must be able to know how to cut and style hair, because she may take the place of s stylist when needed.

Working Conditions

A hair salon manager’s number of work hours differs per salon. As long as the salon is open, the hair salon manager needs to be there. She works at least 40 hours a week, but may be required to come in during weekends and holidays.


The average salary for a hair salon manager is $42,000 annually.

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