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Efficient Assistant Restaurant Manager Job Description


The job of an Assistant Restaurant Manager is to support all the duties of the restaurant manager. They usually supervise the operations in the restaurant. Assistant restaurant managers are responsible for reporting to the restaurant manager regularly. Moreover, they are the ones to implement and plan food and beverage tasks.


Assistant restaurant managers supervise services held in the dining area of a restaurant, including taking of orders, giving of orders and maintaining good customer service. They place orders to vendors and compute costs for each ingredient, supply or other materials. Assistant restaurant managers support the manager by ensuring all food served to the customers are fresh and clean. They help in maintaining and checking the condition of each equipment and facility used in a restaurant. During the absence of the manager, assistant restaurant managers handle customer complaints.

Education and Training Requirements

To become an assistant restaurant manager, a person must acquire a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management or hospitality management. Some restaurants would take into consideration applicants who are graduates of business management. Aspiring assistant restaurant managers with previous managerial and restaurant experience are highly considered for the job position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An assistant restaurant manager is expected to have leadership skills. They have outstanding oral and written communication skills. They are motivators and have a positive outlook at work. Assistant restaurant managers are passionate and confident. They should also possess customer service and PR skills, multi-tasking skills, organizational skills, problem solving skills and the ability to work well under pressure. Assistant restaurant managers are patient in handling waiters, cooks, and other workers.

Working Conditions

Assistant restaurant managers work in different time shifts, depending on how long a restaurant opens in a day. They are to report everyday to the restaurant manager. Depending on their work schedule, assistant restaurant managers may be assigned to work during weekdays, weekends and holidays. They are expected to work forty hours in a week. They must always look pleasant and neat because they are required to face customers and guests in the restaurant. Some restaurants would not assign shifting schedules, but would require assistant restaurant managers to work fifteen hours a day.


An assistant restaurant manager may expect a yearly basic pay of $35,000. This may vary on the location and size of the company/ restaurant. The annual basic salary may include benefits such as health care, life plans, paid leaves.

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