Bakery Clerk Job Description

Bakery Clerk Job Description

A bakery clerk job description involves filling customers’ orders for cakes, breads and other baked goods. In large bakeries the clerk may only have time to assist customers, but in a smaller bakery the clerk may have time to assist the baker with tasks like measuring ingredients and mixing dough.

Position Description

A bakery clerk is primarily responsible for working the cash register at a bakery, bagging baked goods, taking customers’ money and making change.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Bakery Clerk

Greets customers in a pleasant and helpful manner.
Takes and fills bakery orders for customers.
Answers customers’ questions about food ingredients, cake designs and other aspects of the baked goods.
Applies ingredient tags and price tags to pre-baked foods.
Operates cash registers and credit card machines when customers pay for their bakery items.
Arranges cakes, pies, muffins, rolls and other baked goods in an attractive manner in the display cases and on shelves and counters.
Makes certain that displays are filled with products and not low on merchandise or empty.
Ensures displayed baked goods are fresh, and removes any that could have become stale after a period of time.
Verifies that customers who have communicated food allergies are not sold products that could be dangerous to their health.
Keeps work areas sanitary by mopping floors and wiping counters to immediately clean up any spills.
Assists bakers with measuring ingredients, mixing dough, pouring batter and other basic duties.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Ability~
Must be able to complete customer order forms completely and file each one properly so that every order is filled on time.
Must have the dexterity and technical ability necessary to operate a cash register, credit card machine, computer and pricing gun.
Must have the upper body strength needed to lift large, heavy cakes and other baked goods as well as open and close heavy freezer and oven doors.
Must be able to endure long hours of standing, walking around behind counters and bending to retrieve baked goods from display counters.
Must have good communication skills and be willing to work with the general public.
Must be patient with customers who are dissatisfied and understand when it is necessary to request assistance from a supervisor.

Education and Experience
High School Diploma or equivalent.
Good reading and math skills.
Basic computer skills.
Excellent verbal communication skills and legible writing.
Previous experience working in a bakery or other type of food service job.

Work Environment
Most of the time will be spent standing on hard cement or tile floors.
At times floors may be wet; therefore athletic shoes with good traction are recommended.
May be exposed to extremes in temperatures when going in and out of large freezers or opening and closing commercial oven doors.
Will be occasionally necessary to deal with long lines of customers and to work overtime.

Starting salaries are in the $20,000 to $24,000 range.
Salaries for experienced individuals working in busier bakeries in large cities average $30,000 to $33,000.

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