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Experienced Personal Chef Job Description


A personal chef is someone who offers cooking service at home depending on the customer’s taste and needs. With their culinary expertise, personal chefs are able to create new recipes, prepare all types of food using different cooking styles and handle food presentation. Personal chefs may work alone, with one or two assistants or with a team.


A personal chef may work alone and carries out duties at small functions. Personal chefs with assistants can prepare a week’s worth of meals in the customer’s house. Depending on their job descriptions, personal chefs may also personally serve the meals, which allow them to suggest and plan meals and at the same time discuss the nutritional value of each meal. Personal chefs that work in home residents are involved in purchasing and inventory, ensure proper storage of needed ingredients are made, determine nutritional values of food items for those with special dietary requirements. Personal chefs also make sure the cleanliness of the workstation by washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

Education and Training Requirements:

Personal Chefs need formal training in this industry. They need to enroll in colleges that offer courses in culinary then have work experience in restaurants, hotels and other establishments. In some cases, hotels and restaurants offer additional trainings for those who have finished a 4-year course.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Personal Chefs are knowledgeable on knife skills, Proper and safe food handling and Proper use and care of kitchen equipment. They should have leadership skills in supervising crew. They are able to create recipes. These skills are important in order to function well as a personal chef since a personal chef may work alone.

Working Conditions:

Personal Chef typically works full time at home. Personal Chef may serve different clientele like diplomats, university presidents and corporate executives. They may also work with teams of personal chef that are employed by different companies. Their working hours may vary from time to time and in given situation say if a personal chef is a stay in a household he or she work round the clock. Other personal chefs, who do not stay in a household, prepare food for a week. They give specific instructions on how to prepare and hot to re-heat foods.


A Personal Chef salary may receive an average pay of $55,000. The amount of salary of a Personal Chef may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. Others, like a Executive Chef, may receive a pay amounting to $47,000 annually.

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