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Organized Assistant Customer Service Manager Job Description


Assistant customer service managers usually play the role of a front man. They face customers or consumers who are either complaining or raving about their product and services. Assistant customer service managers communicate with customers personally or through various mediums such as phone, fax, emails, chat or other types of communication gateways.


Assistant customer service managers assist in completing the duties of the customer service manager. They serve as the customer service manager when their superior is not around. Assistant customer service managers supervise their workers while ensuring that every task is done correctly and effectively and make sure that all aspects of customer service are established well. Sometimes, assistant customer service managers may assist the representatives in selling their product or service. They are also responsible for helping in the development and execution of training programs for customer service representatives. Their goal is to increase sales by providing the best customer service possible at all times.

Education and Training Requirements

To acquire the position of an assistant customer service manager, one must have a two-year or bachelor’s degree in business management or communications. Degrees in social sciences can sometimes be considered as a long as the aspiring assistant customer service manager has excellent communication and organizational skills. Well-experienced customer service representatives are highly considered for this job.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An assistant customer service manager is expected to be highly motivated on the job and possess excellent oral and written communication skills. Assistant customer service managers must be good leaders, have initiative and know how to handle people with different personalities. Assistant customer service representatives must also have outstanding skills in analysis, logic and math.

Working Conditions

A working environment for assistant customer service managers are in an office set up. They are to work forty hours in a week but this may also depend on the demand of work and season of the year. A busy season like special holidays are can be very critical to them. They are to work and face a lot of people everyday so they are expected to always look neat and clean.


The basic annual salary of an assistant customer service manager is $42,000. This depends and varies in the size, location and kind of industry they are working at. Their basic salary in a year includes health, life and vacation benefits.

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