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Experienced Intake Specialist Job Description

The intake specialist job description requires an individual who is able to pay very close attention to detail and get required information from clients and customers. They often work in healthcare facilities, mental health institutions and law firms as well as other institutions in which new clients are a regular occurrence.

Position Description

The intake specialist meets with new or prospective clients, asks a series of questions for the purpose of compiling data, and then uses this data to determine the best next course of action for that client.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an Intake Specialist

  • Processes paperwork for new clients efficiently and in accordance with protocols.
  • Obtains pertinent information from new clients by asking them to complete surveys or interviews courteously and professionally.
  • Answers and screens inquiry calls and emails from prospective clients.
  • Collects data to help with the admission process if working in a health or mental care facility.
  • Ensures that all admission forms are properly signed and filed.
  • Communicates with other team members constructively in order to reduce conflict and enhance the resolution of issues.
  • Respects client or patient dignity and confidentiality.
  • Adheres to the facility dress code and appears professional at all times.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrates the ability to use standard office equipment such as telephones, computers, copiers, fax machines and others.
  • Displays the ability to communicate with others effectively, listen closely and convey points clearly.
  • Shows proficiency with computer programs which may include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and others.
  • Demonstrates excellent customer service skills and the ability to calm patients or clients who may be distraught.
  • Shows the ability to calm frustrated clients quickly and make decisions based upon anticipated outcomes.
  • Possesses the ability to adjust to constantly changing workloads.

Education and Experience

Most intake specialist positions require only a high school diploma or GED, but a Bachelor’s degree in behavioral science, data management or a similar field is often preferred. In some cases, the degree can be substituted for adequate experience working in an intake setting. Candidates who are applying in a medical field should have some sort of licensure within that field, whether in nursing or psychiatry. Most employers require candidates to have one to two years’ experience working within the chosen industry, as well.

Work Environment

An intake specialist works in a climate controlled facility, and they work nine-to-five hours five days per week in most cases. Those working for emergency departments or psychiatric units may work any shift, and they may also be called upon to work nights, weekends or holidays. Direct and indirect patient contact is necessary, and the candidate may need to be able to walk, stand, sit or lift up to 50 pounds. The candidate should also be able to tolerate unsightly, odorous conditions depending upon the facility and situation.


The average intake specialist salary in the United States is about $38,000 per year, but this can fluctuate somewhat based upon the individual’s experience, education and place of employment. Those who have earned at least Bachelor’s degrees and who have several years’ experience can earn up to $60,000 per year. Conversely, entry-level intake specialists may earn as little as $24,000 per year.

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