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Accomplished As400 Project Manager Job Description


An As400 project manager is the person responsible for all company projects and applies research methodologies and project objectives using software solutions through the As400 server. The IBM As400 is a server hardware designed to handle large volumes of data processing all at once. It was designed to work on network and computer operations of large companies. Handling all project-oriented designs, issues, concepts and management aided by IT technology are the responsibilities of the As400 project manager.


The As400 project manager advises on all project management procedures and tools. He uses the As400 to process all project information and analyzes the solutions provided by the server. He uses these solutions to decide what approach he needs to take for a particular project. He analyzes risk management, formulates, tests and applies procedures to minimize risk. The As400 project manager encourages initiatives and leadership roles on others regarding project management matters like processes, utilities and problems. He provides training materials and conducts training to staff for better management of tools (As400), as required; analyzes department IT needs and formulates solutions using IBM As400 server solutions; provides consultation for projects. The As400 project manager coaches and advises project managers; spearheads interdepartmental and interdivisional cooperation in project development; has knowledge of newly emerging technologies and develops and implements new technologies and improvements. He commits to resource management practices and upgrades inefficient solutions. The As400 project manager manages human resources efficiently, oversees teams of project managers to handle multitasking of complex projects and reports to senior management of progress and development of projects and implements senior management directives regarding project management procedures.

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer or engineering or IT is the minimum requirement to qualify to work as an AS400 project manager. Most companies require a minimum of 5 years experience plus a bachelor’s degree to work as an As400 Project Manager. Some companies prefer hiring someone with a master’s degree in IT management or any related course coupled with 5 years of relevant experience.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Human resource, communication, analytical and troubleshooting skills are all essential skills needed by a capable As400 project manager.

Working Conditions

The As400 project manager works in a comfortable a well-lit office setting. Due to project deadlines, he may need to work long hours including night and weekend work. He usually has a 40-hour workweek schedule.


An As400 project manager makes $66,000 annually on average. Factors such as size and of company, as well as benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among As400 project managers.

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