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Meticulous Data Modeler Job Description

The job description of a data modeler requires these individuals to be naturally curious and possess a creative mind. A data modeler is charged with the task of making various forms of data legible to binary computer systems in such a way that it is useful to a business or an institution.

Position Description

The data modeler is responsible for separating different types of data into structures that can be easily processed by computer systems. These individuals often focus on very specific issues such as way data moves from one system to another or even data redundancy problems.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Data Modeler

  • Designs data architectures; translates data so that it can be read by various types of computer systems.
  • Designs and builds databases that are used in relation with data architectures.
  • Assists in the development of strategies for archive recovery, database implementation and data acquisition.
  • Cleans and maintains databases by restructuring and deleting old data.
  • Leads and sometimes directs the work of others; works with a team to accomplish common goals for the employer.
  • Completes reports to provide to a team leader, manager or supervisor.
  • Works with other IT groups and departments to assist in the coordination of future activities and plans that involve computing and data.
  • Identifies and recognizes areas in which policy or procedure changes could assist in the future expansion of businesses.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Has experience in meta data management and data integration engines such as Biztalk or Informatica.
  • Possesses experience or knowledge in supporting as well as implementing Oracle and SQL data infrastructures.
  • Exhibits knowledge of the entire process behind software development including design and deployment; SOA knowledge and experience is also preferred.
  • Has proven analytical and problem-solving traits.
  • Shows knowledge of the design, development and maintenance of various data models and their components.
  • Understands BI tools and technologies as well as the optimization of underlying databases.

Education and Experience

A data modeler should possess a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science in order to earn an entry-level position within the field. Individuals who are certified in Enterprise Architecture or Data Management are preferred. Data modelers who are interested in senior or supervisory positions should seek Masters’ degrees in information and technology fields; secondary degrees in business management are also useful.

Work Environment

There is very little physical demand required to work as a data modeler, but these individuals should be prepared to travel up to 25% of the time and work long hours. The actual work environment is typically a climate-controlled office setting with little to no outdoor exposure required. Data modelers work with computers for the majority of their shifts and, depending upon the employer, may need to work independently or with a team in order to complete a project.


The salary of a data modeler hovers at around $101,000 per year on average across the country. Data modelers who have earned Master’s degrees or who have more than five years’ experience working in the field for reputable companies earn the highest salaries; those who have Bachelor’s degrees or little to no experience earn the least. Bonuses for routinely completing projects within deadlines are commonplace within the industry as well.

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