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Efficient LAN Manager Job Description


LAN managers (local area network managers) are in charge of the company’s network. They ensure that the LAN is properly working, so that messages and documents among employees are sent within the company without fail. Sometimes, a LAN manager’s job is not only limited to that, but he also is in charge of the WAN (wide area network) that has a broader scope and includes the internet.


Usually, LAN managers are the company’s go-to IT (information technology) guys. Their main job is to ensure that the local area networks are working properly. They are the ones responsible for fixing network problems. They teach employees how to use the network, as well as assist and go over the steps with them when they’re having trouble. LAN managers are also in charge of giving access to the network, and discuss with the upper management in identifying employees that would require a higher level of access and then connects them accordingly. LAN managers are also in charge of the network’s security and makes sure that no outside forces are able to tap into the network. In some companies, LAN managers have other roles, such as training and managing of a team of network technicians. They may also have to be the company’s IT guy who fixes not only the local network but internet and computer problems as well. He may also be responsible for downloading and installing networks and programs the company needs.

Education and Training Requirements:

Many LAN managers have bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in information technology or computer science despite the fact that the required educational background for a LAN manager is at least a two-year course in the same. Those who have certification in different networks are also prioritized, but they are not really required.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

To become a successful LAN manager, one must be familiar with the computer and its hardware, operating systems, programming function and the different terminologies used when speaking of computers. He must be analytical and a good problem solver.

Working Conditions:

Usually, LAN managers are seen in large offices that have a large network of computers. They work the standard 40 hours a week, but may be called during odd hours in case of emergencies regarding network problems.


The average salary for a LAN manager is $68,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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