Insightful MIS Manager Job Description


A Management Information Systems (MIS) Manager, also known as computer information system managers, operate computers, computer software and lead a team who handle these systems. MIS managers oversee the entire IT department, which includes the network management, software development and network security of a particular organization. These managers ensure the availability, stability and security of data and information services of the organization.


An MIS manager who is employed by an organization plans computer-related work for organizations and develops and implements new technologies for more efficient business processes. ; directs the work of technology professionals; analyzes business technology needs; works with top management to discuss and determine technology projects needed for the business; hires, manages and developed technology staff; develops technology policies and procedures within the organization; oversees purchases and maintenance of office computer equipment and peripherals; acts as a technology consultant to business managers; performs gap analysis to determine required changes to core systems of the organization; creates test scenarios; conducts testing efforts; designs and documents combined solutions; and supervises and delegates work to other IT staff members.

Education and Training Requirements:

To become an MIS manager, one must obtain a four-year year bachelor’s degree in a computer-related course and have extensive experience in troubleshooting and in handling computers. Core courses include computer science, programming and computer engineering. Experience in computer desk managements, systems programming, information technology projects and software development will be helpful as well.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A strong computer and technical background is vital to all MIS managers. They must possess experience in management training. Skills such as good analytical skills, organizational skills and communication skills are also important. An MIS manager must be a good team player and must be flexible in a variety of tasks. Accuracy, attention to detail and having the ability to work on his own initiative are important as well.

Working Conditions:

Working long hours is common for MIS managers as constant trial and error efforts are made. MIS managers usually have their own clean and comfortable offices in air-conditioned facilities with computers, spare parts, computer software CDs all within a hand of reach. Pressure in the workplace may be present with technical goals, short deadlines and tight budgets as well as computer failures due to technical difficulties.


The average annual salary of an MIS manager is $56,000 but which will depend on the area of concentration and the level of responsibility of the manager. In addition to salaries, MIS managers often receive employment-related benefits as well.

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