Delivery Driver Job Description


A delivery driver’s task is to deliver goods, supplies and products by driving different kinds of vehicles. The commodities they deliver may vary on the type of the industry they are working on. Delivery drivers are in charge to make their own record of working hours, car mileage, and delivery activities. They must be able to load and unload their deliveries from their point of origin to the destination. And they must be able to perform simple vehicle maintenance as they are in charge with the vehicle they are driving.


Delivery drivers are responsible for transporting materials and products from one place to another; they check and maintain the condition of vehicles; loads and unloads delivery trucks, vans, etc; follows traffic rules and reads maps for directions; validates the inventory of deliveries through the shipping papers; collects and shows payments, bills and receipts of the products delivered; keeps records such as vehicle logs, hours of work, petrol receipts; gives report about any interruptions during the delivery, accidents and other concern through a two way radio; turns over any receipts, cash and bills; and must be punctual and willing to work on Saturdays.

Education and Training Requirements

Delivery drivers of some companies are required to have at least a high school diploma. They must acquire a professional driver’s license and must be 21 years old. Qualified drivers must also have 20/40 vision. There are trainings given to them for the first few weeks of their work. There are also professional driving programs available to them. Big companies that send out large investments consider recommendations.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A delivery driver must be honest, accurate, and punctual. They are expected to be physically fit since the job requires extensive travelling, and carrying plenty of boxes. A delivery driver must always look fresh and pleasant. They should be friendly and personable since they will be dealing with people. Good communication skills are essential and they must be keen into details.

Working Conditions

Delivery drivers are permitted to drive for 11 hours. They’re driving and non-driving tasks should be in total of 14 hours. It is mandatory for them to rest for 10 hours in the middle of their duties. They will not be allowed to work for 60 hours in a week without at least having 34 hours of off-duty. Most delivery drivers work during morning and night time.


Most delivery drivers receive a cent-per-mile pay. Their salary varies if they work independently or if they are hired by carriers. A delivery driver can earn as much as $34,000 in a year.

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