Results-Driven Academic Dean Job Description

An academic dean holds authority over a specific academic institution such as a college or university, or over a specific department within the institution, such as a ‘Dean of the School of Medicine.’

An academic dean is responsible for approving faculty hiring, overseeing budget, fundraising, setting academic rules and policies, developing academic programs and performing other administrative functions. An academic dean may also coordinate student activities, participate in activities of faculty committees, advise president of educational institution on academic matters and provide academic counseling or advising to students and faculty. The academic dean must have the ability to improve school programs and monitor policies, while making sure all accreditation, State, and Federal criterion concerning academics is strictly followed.

Education/Experience Requirements

At least 3+ years of experience in academic administration or any related setting to become familiar with academic programs, policies and regulations necessary to hold authority over the activities of an educational institution. Having a proven track record as a leader, teacher and public servant in a variety of settings is critical. An academic dean may need to have teaching experience, a PhD or equivalent of five years experience in student affairs from an accredited institution.


An academic dean must have very strong skills in verbal and written communication, organization, budget preparation, developing and implementing goals, managing resources, strategic planning and interdisciplinary scholarly skills.

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