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Innovative Alumni Relations Manager Job Description


An alumni relations manager is responsible for all activities and relations of all alumni of a university. He/she is in charge of developing and managing engagement programs focused on increasing the depth and diversity of the relationships within a university. The alumni relations manager develops and implements alumni engagement strategies along with other university personnel such as alumni outreach programs and fundraising programs.


An alumni relations manager’s duties include: develops overall strategies for alumni relations within the University’s list of priorities; manages the development of alumni relations; keeps records and directories of all alumni members; keep records of alumni members up to date; assesses the university’s involvement in student recruitment, community outreach programs, fundraising programs as well as events and benefit programs; oversees the activities of alumni relations staff and volunteers; coordinates the contribution of the university to alumni relations programs; monitors the financial standing and performance of alumni relations program; makes appropriate changes to the alumni relations programs if needed especially when budget constraints are concerned; and provides strategic support and advice to colleges and other university departments.

Education and Training Requirements

A graduate of a four year degree program as well as being part of the alumni association of the particular university or college is a requirement. He must have experience in alumni relations or have a background in an educational sector. Knowledge in management may also serve as an advantage as the manager will be dealing with a number of people under his supervision.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

He must be able to manage a number of projects with minimum supervision at a time. Written and oral presentations skills are needed in order to communicate effectively. A huge part of the job is acting as the middle person between the university and alumni members. Having intense school spirit and a passion to help the university is essential as active involvement in all university activities is needed.

Working Conditions

Many alumni relations managers require some travel to various alumni members to discuss university-related concerns. Overtime, evening shifts as well as weekend work may sometimes be required especially if a particular activity is done at night. Besides this, alumni relations managers work comfortably in an office environment.


Annual average pay of an alumni relations manager is $55,000 but pay varies depending on the geographical location of the university, it’s exclusively and prestigeousness and the size of the university. The more prestigious the school is, the more likely the alumni relations manager will receive greater pay. Higher paying positions are available in law schools, business schools, or medical universities.

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