Skilled Astro Engineer Job Description

An astro engineer is responsible for developing ground-based, space-borne and air-borne electrical, mechanical and optical systems. The job of astro engineers involves analyzing, designing, integrating, developing and testing complex hardware. Tasks to be assigned depends largely on the company, but may include arc testing, flight testing, wind tunnel testing, aerothermal analyses and hypersonic aerodynamics, among others.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Aero/Astro Engineering. Experience in solving problems involving mechanisms, structures, aerodynamics, optical systems and thermal systems an advantage.


Excellent oral and written communication skills for presentation and reports; superb interpersonal skills and proven organizational skills needed in working with design, analysis and test teams; and broad knowledge in engineering principles.

Specific work elements

Lead multi-disciplinary teams in solving problems related to spacecraft, missile systems and aircraft; conceptualizing design and overseeing ground or flight testing; handling mechanical design, completing structural and thermal modeling and analysis, prototyping; assisting CAD personnel and creating documentation or manuals for the fully functional model.

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