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A field engineer is a person who repairs and maintains a wide range of products, equipments, machines and tools on the field such as homes, companies and other areas outside his own company.


The duties of a field engineer include installation and remedial repair of equipments and machines, troubleshooting equipments according to certain product specifications; and repairing broken elevator or escalator, a Xerox machine or a tablet-making machine. Regardless of the product being fixed, the field engineer identifies the problem, communicates with his clients, informs them about the nature of the problem and advises them on how to solve the problem in accordance with his company’s policy. The field engineer also designs and carries out tests and research on products and machines. He supervises road and street construction as well as other infrastructures like bridges, dams, airports and water and sewage systems.

Education and Training Requirements

To qualify as a field engineer, a candidate must obtain a bachelor’s degree in mechanical, chemical, civil or electrical engineering. Some field engineers may hold a degree in construction management. A field engineer needs to be state-licensed in order to work.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To be successful in this field, one must be creative, a fast thinker and good at problem solving. He/she must have extensive knowledge on troubleshooting and familiarity with a wide range of products. Other important skills in this position include exceptional communication skills, interpersonal skills, strong math skills, basic computer skills, and manual dexterity. A field engineer must also be able to think outside the box, work under pressure and handle problems independently or as part of a team.

Working Conditions

The regular schedule of a field engineer is usually 40 hours per week, but this may vary depending on projects assigned on a daily basis. Since the job is done on the field, candidates must be comfortable to travel regularly. Some field engineers may travel for several days on the job, especially when dealing with specialized equipment, such as farm or irrigation equipments and machines. An employed field engineer working for a company usually has a pre-determined schedule to follow, while a self-employed or freelance field engineers enjoy flexible work hours.


A field engineer’s salary ranges between $49,500 and $66,000 annually. Field engineers enjoy healthcare, dental and medical benefits. Some additional benefits are from bonuses, pension plan and profit sharing. Some also enjoy car plan and vacation plan.

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