Field Service Engineer Job Description


The field service engineer is responsible for developing solutions to technical problems. He/she also installs highly specialized equipments, such as electronic equipment for military applications like radar and missile control computer hardware. They study blueprints, schematics and manuals mainly for proper troubleshooting procedures.


Field service engineers work in various fields of industry. From medical to military applications, from agricultural to infrastructure projects, field service engineers are needed to solve problems dealing with machinery and equipments these respective industrial sectors use. Field service engineers are responsible also for installing hardware and software applications; identifying, analyzing and rendering solutions to problems encountered by clients; communicating with clients on the issues confronted, analyzing those issues and giving concrete solutions and advise to the clients. They render technical training on products assisting the client in better acquaintance with the product installed or remedied. Field service engineers order parts to equipments not readily available and make sure they specify to company quality. They make modifications in accordance with company rules if certain procedures fail to resolve the issue.

Education and Training Requirements

To become a field service engineer, one must obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science or an engineering course such as civil, mechanical or electrical engineering.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To be successful in this field, one must be highly knowledgeable in reading blueprints, designing and planning. Field service engineers must also have good communication skills, excellent computer skills, interpersonal skills, analytical and problem-solving skills. They should also be genuinely interested in helping people especially and have manual dexterity for handling intricate and complicated equipments and hardware.

Working Conditions

Field service engineer work 40 hours a week. Since the job requires regular travel locally and across other states, candidates should be available to travel for field work. He/she may also need to work overtime and during weekends, depending on the projects assigned. Some field service engineers may be assigned to work in an office. When this is the case, he/she may be asked to handle calls or video conferences in helping clients troubleshoot problems on their own. Field service engineers employed by companies have a regular working schedule while their self-employed counterparts have their own flexible hours.


The salary range of field service engineers is between $45,000 and $68,000. They enjoy all kinds of benefits, health and medical insurance being the most common. A car plan, vacation and pension plan are also offered them.

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