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Skilled Engineering Technician Job Description

An engineering technician provides support to an engineer, and may work in the fields of mechanical, industrial, civil, electrical, aerospace, computer, or environmental engineering. The job description of an engineering technician involves a background in engineering, the ability to work well on a team, and strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Position Description

An engineering technician inspects and tests equipment, analyzes plans for construction and design, writes up daily lab reports, and carries out any other necessary tasks delegated by the supervising engineer.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an Engineering Technician

  • Assists in drawing up blueprints and plans for products and equipment.
  • Designs and builds prototypes of planned product or equipment.
  • Assists in the construction of said products and equipment.
  • Writes up reports of daily laboratory activity.
  • Maintains records and files of all completed engineering work.
  • Inspects product design for problems or errors.
  • Runs tests on products and equipment to ensure they function properly.
  • Analyzes system or product performance.
  • Provides suggestions for ways to improve products and equipment.
  • Writes computer programs and assists in software design.
  • Assists in the presentation of completed products and projects at exhibitions or board meetings.
  • Keeps apprised of the latest developments and innovations in the industry.
  • Addresses and resolves glitches and problems with products.
  • Conducts regular maintenance on products and equipment.
  • Orders and replaces equipment parts.
  • Answers employee or customer questions about the function and maintenance of products.
  • Provides technical support to customers and employees.
  • Ensures that all safety procedures are observed during laboratory work.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Possesses background knowledge in engineering or computer science.
  • Is capable of conducting independent research.
  • Works well on a team.
  • Pays close attention to detail.
  • Demonstrates patience when running multiple tests.
  • Exhibits strong organizational skills.
  • Possesses solid writing skills.
  • Communicates clearly and effectively.
  • Is able to understand and interpret engineering terminology.
  • Demonstrates ability to translate scientific jargon into layman’s terms for explanatory purposes.
  • Possesses strong public speaking abilities.
  • Exhibits solid customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrates intellectual curiosity.
  • Exhibits familiarity with proper lab safety procedures.

Education and Experience

An engineering technician holds a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree in Engineering Technology. Some technicians also hold Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science or a related field. Engineering Technicians should also have some previous work experience in their respective industries, either as interns or full-time employees.

Work Environment

An engineering technician spends the majority of his or her working hours in a laboratory setting, designing and testing equipment and products. Time is also spent in an office setting, processing paperwork and writing lab reports. Some local or national travel for conferences, exhibitions, or client visits may also be necessary. Generally, engineering technicians work a standard 40-hour week, though they may occasionally work overtime to meet deadlines.


The average salary for an engineering technician is $50,000 per year. Annual salaries can range from $40,000 to $80,000, depending on years of experience, company profile, and the specific field of engineering. Overall, aerospace and electrical engineering technicians bring in the highest salaries in the industry.

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