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Analytical Test Engineer Job Description


A Test Engineer is a person who creates a process that would verify if a particular product in manufacturing, quality assurance or related field operates as designed. He is also responsible in determining the best way a test can be performed in order to achieve complete coverage of all components using different testing processes. The duties of a test engineer varies depending on what they specialize in or what test process they are more familiar with. A test engineer’s involvement ideally begins with the early stages of the design phase, followed by installation, development, testing and support.


The tasks of test engineers may include, but are not limited to, providing technical expertise in testing and product knowledge, writing test procedures and developing test plans, configuring necessary hardware and operating environments as needed to complete assigned testing and providing technical know-how on particular products, operating systems and specialized environments. Some test engineers are also responsible for preparing reports on test results and problems, monitoring and updating test processes, assisting in the review of test processes as they are developed, and performing other test-related tasks.

Education and Training Requirements:

To become a test engineer, one must obtain a bachelor’s degree in Engineering or any related course. He/she must also possess sufficient knowledge and experience working with systems and a wide variety of testing tools. Test engineers must also be familiar with testing methodologies and defect reporting process. Continuing education is usually required for this position due to the changing technologies and computer systems.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

To be successful in this field, a test engineer must have the necessary skills needed in product design and engineering. He/she should possess technical writing skills, effective communication skills, problem-solving and analytical skills, organizational skills, and interpersonal skills. Test engineers must also be self-motivated, reliable to deliver on time, a quick-thinker, be able to work in a fast-paced work environment and be familiar and comfortable in using computer software or programs.

Working Conditions:

The test engineer works in a typical comfortable office environment for regular forty hours a week. However, they may also be required to work off hours, in the evening or even on weekends. Some companies require them to travel to their client’s sites and thus have to work overtime.


The Test Engineer‘s salary depends largely on company, location, industry, experience and benefits, but statistics show that the average pay amounts to $69,000.

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