Efficient Concert Production Manager Job Description


A concert production manager’s main job is to ensure that the concert goes as originally planned. He takes care and oversees the work of the different teams working on the production of the concert. He takes care of the location, the concert schedule, the layout and design of the location, the artist/s and the front acts of the concert. He is also responsible for advertising and ticket sales.


The concert production manager is responsible for the concert schedule/s as well as the location for it. He takes care of the budget, and contacts the supervisor of the location to ensure that it is reserved on the date and time they want. He also approves the layout, the set design and the props for the concert. The concert production manager is responsible for dealing with the lights and sounds crew in ensuring that the concerts effects will be of best quality. He hires artists and printing presses to design and print the signs, tarpaulins, tickets and flyers for the concert. The concert production manager takes care of the promotion as well as contacting the media for the concert’s press release. He makes sure that it is broadcasted during prime time, where a great majority of people will get to watch it. The concert production manager also hires and trains his staff members to ensure that the concert and its production sails smoothly.

Education and Training Requirements

A concert production manager is usually hired by experience. The more experience you have, the better your chances of landing this job. However, the bigger production companies are looking for those who have a bachelor’s degree in electronics, music and fine arts. Any other related fields are also accepted.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a successful concert production manager, one must be able to be punctual and has to come to work every single day especially when the concert date is nearing. He has to have good communication skills because he will be talking to different people, from the staff to the location owners and others. He will need to be organized and keep a schedule for all the work done and must be able to create a timeline for everyone to follow. Knowledge in electronics, lights, sounds, mixers and the like are needed as well.

Working Conditions

A concert production manager doesn’t work the standard 40 hours a week in an office. He is usually found out and about talking to the artists, his staff and the other people concerned in making the concert successful. He works long hours during the process as well as the concert itself.


The average salary for a concert production manager is $67,000 annually, but this amount can be dictated by the size of the company, types of concert productions and other factors.

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