Detail-oriented Event Coordinator Job Description


Event coordinators are in charge of coordinating every detail of an event to ensure that it runs smoothly within specific budgets and timelines. They can work as freelancers, but some are employed in corporations and organizations. Event coordinators are expected to supervise different events such as trade shows, employee appreciation activities, and business meetings.


Tasks of an event coordinator may include but are not limited to, coordinating all aspects of an event, estimating a given budget for future events; choosing the most appropriate event site, organizing schedules, choosing and negotiating with suppliers, choosing the speakers and other guests, deciding on the menus, designing and distributing marketing materials, securing accommodations, and planning for the transportation of the attendees. Event coordinators are also expected to attend the event to watch over the arrangements or execute the set-up themselves, and to solve any problems that may arise.

Education and Training Requirements

Entry level event coordinators are usually required to have a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, marketing, hospitality management or a similar field. It is also possible to obtain a position in event coordination by way of on-the-job training and it is normal for administrative assistants to go into this line of work after some event planning experiences. Some meeting planner organizations are now offering certification programs that could result in work advancements and bigger compensations.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An event coordinator is expected to possess first-rate communication and organizational skills. He must also have the ability to multitask, have sound judgment, and troubleshoot problems. Being able to go along with all types of people is a must for an event coordinator. Furthermore, he must be able to create in his own mind an event not only from beginning to end, but also translate these ideas into actions from start to finish.

Working Conditions

The work of an event coordinator consists mainly of meeting and convening. Their work may be regarded as either taxing or energizing, but no doubt it is fast-paced and demanding. Event coordinators must oversee many operations all at the same time, beat numerous deadlines, and organize the activities of various groups of people. Event coordinators spend most of their time in offices, but during meetings, they work at a convention center, hotels or other meeting location. They have to travel to attend meetings and go to potential meeting sites.


The average salary of an event coordinator is $41,000, which may vary significantly depending on the industry, company, location, professional experience and bonuses.

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