Event Manager Job Description


An event manager is the person who is always needed at places like athletics facilities, concert halls, theaters, and civic centers. In general, event managers are responsible for ensuring that shows or events scheduled at a site transpire as intended with as little or without any problems.


Duties of an event manager include the following: monitor event activities to ensure conformity with standard regulations and laws, approval of participants, and providing solutions to any issues that may arise; discuss with staff to organize details; check event facilities to make sure that they fit the requirements of clients; orchestrate services for events, which include accommodation and transportation for attendees, catering, facilities, displays, signage, printing and event security; discuss with clients to verify objectives and requirements for events; hold a meeting with sponsors and organizing teams to plan scope and set-up of events, to determine and monitor budgets, or to evaluate administrative measures and the progress of the event; study event bills for precision, and authorize payment; assess and choose service providers based on the client’s requirements, among others.

Education and Training Requirements

There are no fixed educational requirements for an event manager. However, most employers look for an undergraduate degree in fields such as hospitality management, business or communications. In addition to a college degree, an event manager must also have a significant work experience. One best way to have an experience is to volunteer to assist in planning a local event or plan events for family and friends.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Event managers must be extremely organized and detail-oriented. Written and verbal communication skills are vital because event managers interact with different kinds of people. Event managers must have the capacity to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. An event manager must be very flexible and able to multi-task. Lastly, an event manager must be ready to work long hours and travel to attend events.

Working Conditions

The work hours of an event manager can be extended and irregular. He may work more than 40 hours per week. During meetings, an event manager may work as early as 5 a.m. and as late as midnight. Sometimes, he may also be required to work even during weekends. An event manager work with people of diverse backgrounds. He may have the privilege of travelling to lavish hotels and interesting sites and meet speakers and attendees from all over the world.


Event managers’ average salary is $52,000, which may vary depending on the industry, company, location, work experience and benefits.

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