Experienced Film Production Manager Job Description


A film production manager is a professional who oversees the overall operations of film production. He/she is tasked to organize all the necessary needs of a production staff, handle project budget, prepare permits and documents, assist in daily production tasks and ensure the production schedules are met.


The main job of film production managers is to organize all the needs of a production. Film production managers is also responsible for setting budgets for the needs of every film production aspects, which include paying all workers or staff of the production, incurring props, hiring catering services and other expenses used daily. Other tasks of film production managers include solving problems that may arise during filming, setting schedule of meetings and shooting, preparing and submitting all types of paperwork needed before deadline and making sure all equipment are set up properly and working well. Film production managers also hire workers, assign people daily tasks, assist in the set and administrative work, and oversee video editing.

Education and Training Requirements

To be a film production manager, one must go through being an assistant director or director of a production. It is not necessary to have a degree in Film and Media, but the most important part of acquiring this job is to have previous experiences in the film and advertising industry. Those with a degree and relevant work experience have an advantage over other candidates.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Film production managers must be highly organized. They must possess administrative skills since they most deal with preparing documents and budgeting. They must know how to handle people and can multi task. Film production managers are excellent in communication skills, both oral and written. They must be very knowledgeable in all aspects of film production, such as directing and editing. Film production managers must also have advanced computer skills, and basic knowledge in accounting, management and administration.

Working Conditions

Film production managers may work in an office during pre- and post-production. Most of the time, they are found on the field attending production meetings or organizing papers needed. During the actual production, they are required to be in the set and location of the shoot. At the time of editing, film production managers participate in film editing, either in the company building or in third-party offices. Film Production managers have a very flexible working schedule, but they may work long hours to meet deadlines.


The salary of a film production manager depends on the type of industry (advertising agency, film production houses, etc), size of company, or its location, but the average annual salary is $49,000 with benefits.

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