Investment Portfolio Manager Job Description


An investment portfolio manager’s main responsibility is to carefully watch the bank’s cash requirements as well as creating rules and policies regarding the properties and liabilities owned by the bank. He usually works hand in hand with the bank’s treasurer or finance officer to determine how to invest the bank’s properties and assets.


An investment portfolio manager is responsible for all the bank’s money-matters. He is responsible for supervising a staff that he hand-picked that consists of financial analysts to serve as his assistants when computing the bank’s income as well as its capital reserves. The investment portfolio manager is also one of the prime decision makers when it comes to deciding where to invest or allocate the bank’s assets. He continually computes the interest rate under different circumstances to make sure that the fluctuation of the currencies doesn’t affect the bank in anyway. The investment portfolio manager assists in preparing and allocating the budget as well as filing the reports that should go with it. He makes sure that all the assets are filed, and the money is invested wisely, mostly in corporations that will hardly every lose customers – these are the companies that sell perishable goods, food, clothing and the utility companies.

Education and Training Requirements:

An investment portfolio manager must have a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting. They may also have bachelor’s degrees in economics and business administration or business management. Bigger companies prefer though who have a master’s degree in the same. Extra courses in computer science, communication, writing and production may be helpful but are not sought after. In smaller companies though, employers may hire those with certifications or those who graduated with 2-year courses. Without a bachelor’s degree, one may apply as long as he has 4-6 years experience in working for banks and the like.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

To be a successful investment portfolio manager, one must be a good leader who has great communication skills. He must be highly organized and have good analytical skills. Having at least basic math skills, as well as problem solving skills, are a plus.

Working Conditions:

Investment portfolio managers hardly ever leave the bank or their office. They work at about 35-40 hours a week in front of their computers.


The average salary for an investment portfolio manager is $73,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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