Tax Examiner Job Description

Tax Examiner Job Description

Tax examiners are responsible for many aspects of the preparation, review and processing of tax refunds. The job description for a tax examiner highlights the need for strong analytical and administrative skills.

Position Description

The overall job of a tax examiner is to ensure that federal, state and local governments are paid the taxes due them by their citizens.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Tax Examiner

Understands all tax forms and uses each in the appropriate situation.
Prepares tax returns for corporations or individuals.
Reviews tax returns that have been completed by consumers or accountants.
Enters data from tax returns into computer databases.
Contacts taxpayers to resolve issues with tax returns.
Responds in a reasonable timeframe to taxpayers who call in with questions.
Checks the lawfulness of any deductions or tax credits claimed by consumers.
Assesses fees and interest to amounts that are past due and notifying taxpayers as such.
Visits taxpayers in their homes or places of business to resolve disputes.
Keeps track of deductions for large corporations.
Reviews past tax returns for accuracy.
Reports any corrections or adjustments on tax returns to the state or federal government.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Must possess solid analytical skills for the purpose of locating questionable entries on tax returns and to determine lawfulness without extensive research.
Must be detail oriented in order to enter personal information that is found on tax returns into databases precisely, and have a firm understanding of mathematics in order to keep running totals of figures and sums.
Must have people skills as it will be required to contact taxpayers via telephone or even visit them at their homes and places of business.
Must be self-motivated and trustworthy as a great deal of time is spent working independently without direct supervision.
Must have excellent time management skills with the ability to multi-task due to the heavy case load of the job.
Must be capable of handling stressful situations in a calm manner.

Education and Experience
Bachelor’s degree required in a field such as accounting or statistics, or a combined education in fields such as tax compliance, auditing and accounting.
IRS tax examiners are required to possess a Bachelor’s degree and at least one year of experience working in a field such as bookkeeping, accounting or tax analysis.
Will be required to participate in up to one year of on-the-job training and keep current with tax codes and laws.

Work Environment
Time will be spent working for local, state or federal governments in climate-controlled private offices or cubicles when performing data entry tasks, reviewing tax records, contacting consumers and searching tax records.
Can expect to be required to visit consumers at their individual homes and places of business to gather information.
May be permanently assigned to work for a large corporation whose tax structures are complicated, such as a company that operates internationally.

Median annual wage of $55,250 for federal government.
Medial annual wage of $46,860 for state government.
Median annual wage of $29,890 for local government.

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