Personal Trainer Job Description

The job of a Personal Trainer involves providing one-on-one instruction to an individual or group of people who wish to become physically fit through a customized program tailored to their needs. Personal trainers find work in wellness centers in hospitals, universities, fitness gyms or independently for individual clients. The main job of trainers is to evaluate his/her client’s physical fitness, develop a fitness program and keep track of their progress.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in physical education, a master’s degree in adult fitness or a background in nursing, sports, dance, and other fields related to physical education. Knowledge in basic nutrition, exercise equipments, fitness training programs and how muscles work during particular exercise are important in this field. Certification may be needed in some states, but all personal trainers must be certified in adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).


Knowledge of specific sports skills, conditioning, nutrition and all areas of fitness such as aerobics, training intensity, strength training and exercise selection; effective motivation and communication skills, interpersonal skills, sales and marketing skills.

Specific work elements

Working closely with individual clients to develop personalized fitness or health plans; measuring blood pressure, body fat ratio and heart recovery rate; providing advice about stress management and nutrition; monitoring client progress; providing feedback and support as well as maintaining and updating client records, among others.

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