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Accomplished Banquet Manager Job Description


A banquet manager supervises all aspects of a banquet or an event. They are responsible for hiring, training, disciplining and evaluating the banquet employees. Aside from orchestrating activities among different departments, banquet managers make sure that customers have a satisfying dining experience.


The following are the duties of a banquet manager: plans and carries out details for banquets; hires and trains banquet staff; arranges dining reservations; responds to complaints regarding food or service; monitors the work of employees on a regular basis to ensure their personal safety; ensures that health and safety measures and liquor laws are obeyed; performs administrative tasks, such as keeping the work records of employees and preparing of the payroll; keeps a record of supply and equipment procurement; and locks up the establishment, ensuring that grills, ovens, and lights are off, and the alarm systems are on.

Education and Training Requirements

Majority of banquet managers do not have a bachelor’s degree; however, more and more employers today prefer a postsecondary education, including a college degree, in banquet manager positions. Management trainees who finished a 2- and 4- year college food service management or hospitality programs are usually recruited by food service management companies and national or regional restaurants. These programs typically require trainees to go through internships and real-life experiences. However, even though these particular degrees are often favored, those who graduated with degrees in other disciplines but with experience, aptitude, and interest can also be employed.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Most companies stress personal traits when employing managers. Those who are trustworthy and possess management qualities are highly preferred. Other traits that employers look for are the ability to pay attention to details and problem-solving skills. Having a clean and neat appearance is crucial, because banquet managers must express confidence and show respect in dealing with people. Managers must also be excellent communicators because they deal with different kinds of people most of the time.

Working Conditions

Banquet managers may work 12 to 15 hours daily, around 50 or more weekly, and sometimes seven days a week. Managers should always stay calm, flexible, and be able to handle emergencies, like fire or flood, to guarantee that everyone is safe. They should be able to perform the duties of absent workers. The job can be very hectic and cause a lot of pressures on the managers especially in coordinating a wide variety of activities.


The average salary for a banquet manager is $35,000, which can differ significantly depending on the company, location, industry, experience and benefits.

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