Competent Patient Access Representative Job Description

Patient Access Representative Job Description

A patient access representative is an administrative assistant who is responsible for helping patients gain access to medical treatment facilities. The job description for a patient access representative will include communicating well with members of the public and accurately recording data.

Position Description:

In a medical setting, a patient access representative processes the information required for admittance, dismissal and insurance billing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Patient Access Representative

  • Greets patients and their caregivers and records pertinent information into a computer database
  • Records insurance information and obtains pre-approval for treatment if needed
  • Relays information between patients and other staff members, and provides them with updates as needed
  • Prioritizes the order of care so that the most critical patients are seen first
  • Keeps paper and electronic medical records, and updates these records as needed
  • Provides information to insurance companies in order to assist with billing
  • Assists patients during checkout, and ensures they have post-treatment instructions if required
  • Refers individuals to outside agencies when unable to meet their needs
  • Calculates payment information, accepts funds, and credits accounts accordingly

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Listens well and devotes full attention to patients and medical professionals alike
  • Is compassionate and caring, as the job involves dealing with people who are critically ill or injured
  • Has the ability to remain calm, even under the most stressful of situations
  • Communicates well, both orally and in writing
  • Is able to switch priorities based upon patient need
  • Possesses a basic understanding of medical terminology and procedures
  • Is able to maintain confidentiality
  • Has a professional appearance and demeanor in order to make others feel more at ease

Education and Experience

Before becoming a patient access representative, individuals will first need to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent. After that, it is possible to pursue a technical certificate in medical office administration or a similar discipline; some colleges also offer Associate degree programs in this field as well. On-the-job training is required after being hired, and a training program can last anywhere from two to four weeks.

Work Environment

A patient access representative works in an office environment, where a great deal of time will be spent sitting in front of a computer screen. As a result, eyestrain and backaches are common. A great deal of stress is also associated with one of these positions, and workers will frequently come into contact with those who have communicable diseases as well. As a result, patient access representatives must take extra care not to become ill themselves. Most people in this career field work full time, and hours can include weekends, holidays and overnight shifts.


The salary of a patient access representative can range from between $23,923 and $42,203 annually. This figure amounts to between $11.50 and $20.30 per hour. The amount of experience one has as well as the geographical area are the two things that largely influence the salary for this position.

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