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Proactive Club Manager Job Description


A Club Manager is responsible for supervising all areas and operations of a particular club. They usually have different job titles depending on the kind of club they manage. They may manage dance or nightclubs, fitness and health clubs, or country and social clubs. Whichever type of club they manage, the club manager is generally responsible for coordinating the different functions done by all employees of the establishment.


While specific duties of Club Managers vary depending on the type of club they manage, it often involves computing payroll, budgets, and revenue, coordinating with other departments or department heads to find out and address their needs and concerns; as well as acting as the liaison between the club and its members or patrons. Club managers are responsible for ensuring the entire facility is sanitary according to accepted standards and that all equipment are in good working condition; setting long-term goals for overall business improvement; as well as planning, developing, and executing fitness programs for their patrons. Club managers also screen, hire, and train new personnel, create advertising plans and promotions to improve sales; organize and promote events for patrons; develop the club’s marketing strategy to attract new clients and retain existing ones; and maintain a high standard throughout the club’s premises.

Education and Training Requirements

Club Managers will often have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Business Management, Finance, Accounting, Hospitality, Marketing, Human Resource, Public Relations, or any related field. Some clubs would not require a formal education in order to acquire a position as a Club Manager. In some situations, it may be possible to transition from the various roles in the particular industry the club is related to, into a management position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Club Managers should be a good leader with strong project-management, good interpersonal, oral and written communication skills. They should be able to multi-task and handle stress and pressure. They should also have knowledge of budgeting, finance, management, human resource, and marketing. Some computer skills and knowledge of related software may also be necessary.

Working Conditions

Club Managers often find themselves working in a normal office setting, performing accounting and administrative tasks. Part of their time is spent surveying the club’s premises to ensure everything is in order, while communicating with patrons or members. A Club Manager’s position requires flexible working hours and it is common for them to work overtime, nights, weekends, as well as before or after club hours to finish paperwork and other duties.


The median salary of a Club Manager is $45,000 per year. This may vary greatly due to the size of the club; whether it’s a branch or locally owned club; its popularity and geographic location; experience of the candidate; duties expected; and benefits. Some employers provide profit sharing, commissions, and other bonuses. They usually receive health insurance plans, sick leaves and paid vacations.

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