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Experienced Hostel Manager Job Description


A hostel manager is responsible for managing and leading a team that provides services to a hostel. He ensures that all customers have a comfortable and safe stay in the hostel. He makes sure that everything works properly, especially those that need electricity and water like the rooms, dining hall and the bathrooms.


A hostel manager develops, manages and trains his staff to be able to deliver and maintain quality service to their guests. He must be able to train and hire an adequate staffing level in order to have a good ratio of staff to guests. This will ensure that guests are comfortable, and their needs are met at all times. He supervises and appoints his frontline staff that will train and handle the new hires. A hostel manager oversees the hostel’s management and carries out regular supervision. He attends to his guests’ needs, as well as their complaints. In exchange of the complaints made, he promises an extra service to appease the guests. A hostel manager is in charge of planning and carrying out marketing strategies in order to make a name for his hostel. He is in charge of the budgeting of the staff’s payroll as well as the utility bills. He makes a database which serves as an inventory of all the things found in the hostel. This helps in tracking which light bulbs, bathtubs or sinks need replacing. He also conducts regular staff meetings in order to remind staff to ensure the guests safety and overall happiness while staying in their hostel.

Education and Training Requirements

A hostel manager must possess a bachelor’s degree in business or management, hotel and hospitality management and travel, tourism or leisure studies. Postgraduate courses are not necessary, but are preferred. A hostel manager must have certification in staff and hostel supervision.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a successful hostel manager, one must have strong leadership skills. He must be courteous, a good problem solver, and must have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills. A hostel manager must also have up to date information of the care service framework, contractual framework, and other available services. He must have knowledge on basic housing laws that can either make or break the hostel’s name.

Working Conditions

A hostel manager works at least 40 hours a week but varies on the tasks he has to finish on a daily basis. A hostel manager provides support and is contact as needed out of the usual office hours, so he can work more than 40 hours if needed.


The average salary for a hostel manager is $41,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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