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Proactive Motel Manager Job Description


Motel managers are responsible for managing the personnel of the motel, financial operations, daily operations and all other activities of a motel.


Duties of a motel manager include managing and maintaining lodging facilities, assigning duties to motel personnel, observing and monitoring staff performance and making sure that they adhere to company rules and regulations. Motel managers also confer and cooperate with department managers in order to produce maximum efficiency of the motel, answer questions about hotel polices and services, deal with customer’s complaints and concerns, purchase supplies from outside vendors, and inspect entire motel for cleanliness and attractive appearance. Other tasks of motel managers include coordinating and administering front-office duties; greeting and registering customers and guests; analyzing financial information; collecting payment and recording money earned; receiving and processing advanced payments, as well as interviewing, hiring and firing motel staff when necessary.

Education and Training Requirements:

A motel manager’s minimum educational requirement is an associate’s degree preferably in courses like finance, business, management, marketing, advertising, hotel management and communications. Some employers’ require at least three years management experience in a hotel or motel environment. No certification or licensing is required of a motel manager.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A motel manager must be knowledgeable in the administration and management of business operations. They must have excellent customer service skills along with exceptional communications skills. Basic background in mathematics, accounting and economics will serve as advantage. A motel manager must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the motel as questions may be raised by customers or clients that the manager should be accounted for. They must know how to use a computer along with computer programs necessary for daily operations of the motel. Finally, he must be able to work well with other people and as a team.

Working Conditions:

Motels are open 24 hours a day. Night, weekends and even holiday work may be necessary as these times are usually the peak seasons of the motel. Aside from this, traditional daytime work schedule of 40 hours a week is typical of a motel manager. Some people can employ in part-time or full-time work. They usually work indoors in an office environment with the occasional checking rounds of the entire motel to ensure optimum efficiency. No travel is required of them as they work primarily in one location.


The average annual salary of a motel manager is $31,000. The larger the motel is or the more prestigious its name is, the higher the salary earned by the motel manager. Annual earnings of a motel manager are determined by factors such as place of the motel, level of education, and experience of the motel manager.

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