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Helpful Usher Job Description


An usher works in the theatres and event halls. They attend to guests and give them their proper seats before and during a show or program. They distribute and sell show merchandise. Ushers help their guests in locating not only their seats but other facilities as well, like comfort rooms, registration booths, etc.


An usher serves as the front man in events. He/she must be familiar with the program flow, rules and regulations of the house and entry or exit points of the venue. Ushers must be in the venue hall at least one hour before a program starts to greet people who are coming in and out of the venue with courtesy and kindness. Ushers are mostly assigned to stand by the doorways, assisting late comers to find their seats in the venue. In some events that may require tickets, the ushers are in charge to collect them or ask for payments.

Education and Training Requirements:

There are no educational requirements to be an usher although some companies would only qualify a high school graduates. The training for them happens on the job. Ushers should always look neat and smart. They are expected to behave in a proper and respectable manner. They must be confident yet courteous at the same time.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Ushers have excellent communications skills. They are people persons and are good in interpersonal relationships. They must be familiar with the seat plan or seating arrangement of the venue and theatre. They must study and be knowledgeable to the important parts of the venue like the doors, washrooms and registration area. They must be passionate about people and their interests. An usher must always possess a good and inviting mood to the guests. Ushers are expected to have a strong physical stamina since their work requires long hours of standing.

Working Conditions:

Ushers are usually found in the theatres, event halls, and stadiums. They regularly work in a covered venue but sometimes they should be prepared to work also outdoors like in sports events. Ushers are to wear uniforms, the uniforms will be provided to them by their employers. They work in a minimum of twenty hours and a maximum of fifty hours in a week. The schedule of their job is mostly at night and during weekends. They also work on holidays.


The basic annual salary that an Usher can receive is $24,000. This may include various benefits like health, life pension and paid vacations. Their compensation will always vary to the company and location of their work.

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