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Results-driven Job Developer Job Description


Job Developers are marketing professionals who specialize in human resources. They are found in both private and public sectors, and are mainly responsible for creating job opportunities for clients. Job developers research, identify and solicit commitments from probable clients. They may work with job seekers, employment counselors, and employers.


It is a Job Developer’s task to walk their client through the whole employment process. The first part of this involves conducting an assessment to find out a client’s intentions and interests; meeting with a client’s possible employers; and providing the client employment options. If the client is interested, the Job developer then helps their client to pursue the position by assisting in resume-writing, getting proper clothes, write out applications, assist in transportation or other support needed, and practice for the interview. The Job developer then follows up with the employer to find out the result of the application, and reports it back to the client. Once the client gets the job, it is also the Job developer’s task to clarify the job description to the client, address any special needs, and formulates a plan for ongoing job coaching. If the client wasn’t hired, the job developer needs to give feedback on why this happened and makes changes in the plan to get another job.

Education and Training Requirements:

Any Bachelor’s degree can be a precursor to becoming a Job coach, although it would help to have a degree in Human Services, Marketing or any business-related field and disability knowledge to secure high paying jobs. Some companies may hire candidates even without a four-year degree as long as the job developer has extensive experience working with individuals within the demographic that the organization serves.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

As a Job developer, one must be highly knowledgeable about the methods of job development and client placement. One of the things that a Job Developer must know is what employers are looking for. They must be able to sell their clients in a way that would be appealing to employers. They need to have good social and communication skills, patience, and time management. They also have to be able to show their clients that they are confident, honest and reliable. Knowledge in the use of computers and basic office software (Word, Excel) will also be helpful since the job may require preparing documents, presentations, and databases.

Working Conditions:

Job developers usually work 40 hours per week although some evening work may be required. Work is often situated in an office setting; although it may often be necessary to meet with clients outside of the office. It would be helpful to have a personal vehicle since the job requires travel between employer’s offices and client’s homes, or to job fairs.


Job developers receive pay ranges from $29,340 to $46,260 annually. This varies depending on location, company, amount of experience, industry and benefits received. Jobs developers usually receive full health coverage, life insurance, retirement and leave benefits, and holiday pay.

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