Human Resources Manager Job Description


Human Resources Manager carries out most of the planning, coordinating and directing of the human resources management services, programs and development and policies in an organization with strict compliance to the federal and local laws. He/she governs throughout the administrative and employee relation services for the whole company.


Excellent communication skills of a human resources manager is a big factor in dealing with the day to day duties which consists of recruitment, training and development of personnel, benefits and compensation , promotions and dismissal of employees, counseling, attending to disputes and executing disciplinary sanctions. Keeping records and reports dealing with employee-related data such as appraisals, tardiness, absenteeism, transfers and dismissals ratio is incorporated in the responsibilities. Human resources manager also study legislations and arbitration, develops and executes special programs like savings bond, pay equity, and employee awards and recognitions. It is also their duty to supply employees with transportation, food, or relocation services as well as provision of outplacement assistance for terminated employees.

Education and Training Requirements

Human resources managers are often college degree holders if not owning a master’s degree. It enables them to be recognized and accepted easily by employers who are in need of professional hires. Graduates of Psychology, business administration, human resources and political science are among the educational backgrounds qualified in becoming one, this due to the wide scope of work that vary depending on the organization. Budgeting, organizational and systems design, management tactics and strategies and business planning are among the necessary skills to be mastered.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a highly qualified human resources manager, employers look for traits and skills such as outstanding communication skills both in oral and written; strong leadership personality yet must be a team player; excellent analytical skills in numerical and problem solving; familiarity with the procedures and policies in accordance with the laws of human resources management whether federal or local and ability to easily figure out shortcomings and necessary changes needed to improve employee-employer relationships.

Working Conditions

Human resources manager work forty hours a week mostly interviewing applicants, planning organizational strategies and attending meetings. He/she is within the comfort of his office analyzing complex numerical problems and reports.


On an average, Human resources manager earns $81,000 per annum but some can receive as much as $110,000 depending on the scope of responsibilities, the size and industry of the organization. Aside from the usual paid vacations and holidays they receive, pensions and health benefits are also expected.

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