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Experienced Personnel Manager Job Description


Personnel managers are people that manage, recruit, select, interview and train an applicant for a vacant job. They screen applicants to make sure that employees are fitted for the job. Personnel managers are also called human resources manager, benefits manager, training and development manager, and human resources generalist.


Personnel managers provide orientation to newly hired employees on the rules and regulations, vision and mission of the company and complete job details. They arrange files and documentation of all employees in the company. These records are important documents, such as personnel transactions, insurance coverage, and pension plans. Personnel managers also compile compensation and benefits of the employee, evaluate employee progress and give disciplinary actions. They review the performances of the employees in order to determine their strength and weaknesses. Personnel managers help employees that exhibit outstanding workmanship to advance and qualify for higher position. They communicate and reach out with labor unions and service unions. They help plan, supervise and deliver training to new staff.

Education and Training Requirements:

A Personnel Manager is required to have degree in any business related courses. To have an advantage, a person can enrol in advance degrees in business administration and human resources. They may also want to have leadership and managerial training. Depending on the employer, sometimes they may sponsor an individual towards CIPD or Chartered Institute and Development. The program offers three levels of qualifications; practitioner, support and vocational.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Personnel Managers should have acquired basic skills such as computer, communication and conceptual skills. They should be able to do multiple tasks at a time to maximize the work being done. They train regular employee, future managers and subordinates. They exhibit leadership skills through management. They do have organizing skills for them to keep track of documents and files.

Working Conditions:

Personnel managers work in fully equipped, well-lit offices. Their work hours are normally from 8am to 5pm from Mondays to Fridays but sometimes they may be asked to come in on weekends. When needed, personnel managers can also file to extend work hours. This job is not sedentary since they walk around and interview numerous applicants a day. Depending on the company, sometimes travelling may be required.


A Personnel Manager salary may receive an average pay of $57,000. The amount of salary of a Personnel Manager may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. Others, like a Program manager may receive a pay amounting to $74,000 annually.

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