Volunteer Coordinator Job Description


Volunteer Coordinators are individuals that work for non-profit organizations, social service agencies, health care facilities and other groups that may need volunteers. The work of a Volunteer Coordinator may either be full or part time. Every now and then, a volunteer coordinator may work as a special events coordinator, leading other volunteers in event production, foundation programs, charity events and other activities.


Volunteer Coordinators employ new volunteers by holding training session, meetings with community and on local media. They produce descriptions of volunteer work that is required to be covered. They conduct regular meetings with the volunteers to be able talk about upcoming events and ongoing needs. Volunteer coordinators act as the link between employees and other volunteers. They serve as the supervisor to all volunteers, keep records of volunteers including their number of hours worked and their duties, encourage co-workers to complete a certain number of hours by having a reward system and create details for organization and recommend changes that they think are favorable for the program.

Education and Training Requirements:

This type of work is open to all degree holders, but having a degree in any field is preferred. One’s chances may increase if they have higher degree in business studies, community development or education, human resource management, social care and youth or social care. Having a postgraduate may not be required but it can be useful while work progress.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Volunteer Coordinator has excellent communication and strong interpersonal skills. They have the capacity to deal with diverse variety of people. The know how to manage and coordinate volunteers and projects. They empathize and understand the needs of co-workers. They take caution with the opinions of others and know how to deal with classified information. They have good organizational skills and manage different tasks. They are not judgemental to people they encounter and people that they work with.

Working Conditions:

Volunteer coordinators work can be office-based or home-based depending on the organization. The working hours may differ from time to time depending on the current project. At some point, a Volunteer coordinator can work in evenings and weekends. The job can be part-time or full time. This also involves travelling to outreach works and volunteer- involving organization.


A Volunteer Coordinator may receive an average pay of $38,000. The amount of salary of a Volunteer Coordinator may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. Similarly, program coordinator also receives a pay amounting to $28,000 annually.

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