Knowledgeable IT Auditor Job Description


IT auditors are internal auditors that specialize in information technology. They examine the company’s IT systems to make sure that sufficient controls are kept, security of data stored or transported in electronic or magnetic form and provide the fabrication of a superiority EDP (electronic data processing) reports.


The main function of an IT Auditor is to perform Information Technology Audits in a company. He/she works with the management and plans every detail in preparation for the IT Audit programs, coordinates with other officers and executives in order to conduct the IT audit in accordance to the program. The IT Auditor also performs fieldwork, works with non-IT audit resources to execute integrated audits key business flow and the fundamental information systems. Evaluates report draft, discerning and approving with affected management. Assess answers to reports to verify rationality and advise follow-up actions. Classify technology issues and gives additional recommendations to management with solutions to fix internal controls. Carry out other duties and special assignments as assigned by the Director and/or Manager of Internal Audit. IT Auditor also contributes in the evaluation of the satisfactoriness, success and effectiveness of the systems of controls, find out weakness, and proactively works with management to ensure conformity with laws, policies and regulations.

Education and Training Requirements:

It is necessary to obtain a four-year degree in Accounting, or related field such as Finance or Information Technology, then 3-5 year of IT Audit experience, a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) or CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

An effective IT Auditor must be able to work independently and a team player at the same time. Has exceptional communication and reporting skill on both verbal and written; and has a quick eye for even the smallest details, can analyze data and evaluate results in any given time. Working knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint) is also necessary.

Working Conditions:

IT auditors work forty hours a week in the comforts of a nice office, such as government departments, private businesses or accounting firms. They may travel locally, nationally or internationally to clients’ businesses and set up temporary workspace there. Auditors usually work regular hours, but they may work overtime to meet deadlines.


An IT Auditor receives a median compensation of $83,000 in a year and like most employed personnel this may also vary depending on the additional bonus and benefits a company may give which also depends on the its size and industry.

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