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Knowledgeable IT Specialist Job Description


IT specialists are responsible for analyzing and creating computer information systems and applications to manage systems information. IT specialists can find employment in different sectors of industry and in education institutions. They are important members of an institution or organization n because they store and keep sensitive data secure and shared data accessible.


IT specialists help setup client software. They maintain and create backup data for the database system and for internal servers of the company; provide technical expertise and support for all company departments regarding applications and information system issues and are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all software applications, especially all data related to the business of the company. The IT specialists are also responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting and keeping the company’s telecommunication systems smoothly operating with minimal issues to report (phones, webinars, internet fax). They prepare budget for the IT department and oversee budget spending accordingly; support of all computer desktops, laptops, equipment and servers to maintain their integrity and support and service of product development and research of IT related matters, especially outside networking. They liaison and brainstorm with IT staff regarding issues like LAN, internet connections like dial up networking and remote dial up. They evaluate new software and hardware making sure they comply with company standards and regulations; keep track of inventory and keep inventory of licenses and track compliance as well and cooperate with other department heads of concerns regarding software, and hardware conflicts. They along with other fellow specialists are responsible for construction of the technology skeleton; are responsible for following IT guidelines for employees related to the complete IT infrastructure including using computers, peripheral devices, the internet/intranet, telephony and internal servers. They ensure that the IT policy is in accordance with the company’s business policy and is responsible for maintaining the technology standards of the company while providing for its technical needs. The IT specialist maintains telecommunications and technology through the company to optimize workforce efficiency through telephony.

Education and Training Requirements:

Education requirements may not be similar for the different IT specialties, but a bachelor’s degree is the minimum for entry-level positions.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Excellent customer support skills, proper communication skills and good organization skills are all essential requirements for a good IT specialist.

Working Conditions:

Work of IT specialists is located in a quiet, comfortable, well-lit office environment. Work hours are regular but as deadline approaches, work hours will be considerably longer, sometimes, involving night and weekend work. Traveling may be required to meet up with clients and vendors.


An IT Specialist makes $53,000 annually on average. Factors such as size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among IT specialists.

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