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Strategic Inventory Manager Job Description

An inventory manager oversees the inventory control of a mid to large sized company or retail store. The job description of an inventory manager involves training inventory clerks and specialists, devising best practices for maintaining balanced inventory records, and keeping track of all company products and supplies.

Position Description

An inventory manager counts all items in stock, analyzes inventory records, delegates tasks to a team of inventory clerks, orders supplies, manages the processing and return of defective items, and devises ways to reduce inaccurate inventory reporting and theft.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an Inventory Manager

  • Assists in recruiting, hiring, and training a team of inventory clerks.
  • Oversees all business and activity relating to store inventory control.
  • Delegates tasks and assignments to inventory clerks.
  • Counts all products and supplies.
  • Maintains and updates records of store inventory.
  • Orders supplies as necessary.
  • Receives store deliveries.
  • Responsible for unloading new supplies and storing them appropriately.
  • Restocks merchandise on sales floor.
  • Reorganizes stock room to accommodate additional inventory.
  • Suggests to store manager new products or supplies for regular inventory based on analysis of sales statistics.
  • Manages, stores, and/or returns overstock.
  • Processes the return of defective or expired items.
  • Packs up items for return and affixes shipping labels.
  • Ensures that stockroom is well organized and that all stored items are accounted for.
  • Employs computerized inventory software to keep track of all store supplies.
  • Reviews and analyzes sales reports and checks them against physical store inventory.
  • Addresses and resolves discrepancies in inventory and sales reports.
  • Implements improved security and storage procedures to reduce loss and theft.
  • Assists in maintaining organization of stock on the sales floor.
  • Provides customer assistance as necessary.
  • Attends store meetings.
  • Works with store’s general manager to devise ways to maintain inventory control and reduce theft.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Demonstrates ability to use inventory software.
  • Exhibits strong leadership skills.
  • Pays close attention to detail.
  • Possesses strong organizational skills.
  • Is able to read, interpret, and explain sales and inventory reports.
  • Communicates clearly and effectively.
  • Exhibits excellent customer service skills.
  • Demonstrates ability to think creatively and strategically.
  • Manages time effectively.
  • Works well with a team.
  • Possesses broad knowledge of store products and holdings.
  • Exhibits strong problem-solving skills.
  • Possesses physical strength necessary to lift and move inventory.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in management or related field is required.
  • Work experience in inventory control is required.
  • Company-specific training required prior to start date.

Work Environment

  • Time will be split between the stock room, sales floor, and store office.
  • Shifts vary from day to evening.
  • Standard 40-hour workweek applies.
  • Physical labor such as lifting and walking required on a regular basis.


  • The average salary for an inventory manager is $78,000.
  • Salaries range from $55,000 to $100,000 depending on years of experience and company profile.

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