Warehouse Worker Job Description


Warehouse workers are the ones responsible for receiving stocks when delivered, storing them in the proper place and order, and doing the inventory. They pack and store raw materials for future use. Sometimes, they operate forklifts for the heavier cargo. Warehouse workers also drive delivery trucks to either deliver their raw materials to vendors, or pick up their stocks from their suppliers.


Warehouse workers count the stocks received and store the data in the appropriate file. This can be done manually or in a computer database, depending on the company. They pack or unpack the received stocks. They label the stocks accordingly using labeling equipment like stamps, tags or markers. They keep track of all the stocks that go in and out of the control room or stock room. Sometimes, if they work in a retail setting, they are also responsible for selling the stocks. Warehouse workers must devise a plan on how to store the stocks so that they may be easily located for future use. They are also responsible for keeping the place clean and orderly. They must know when to dispose stocks that don’t pass quality control. Warehouse workers may sometimes drive the delivery trucks that hold the stocks they need. They always prepare the inventory and complete daily logs.

Education and Training Requirements:

Degrees aren’t that important when applying for the position of warehouse worker. Most employers prefer those who have graduated high school, while some may even hire those who were not able to finish high school, provided they have the skills and abilities that the company is looking for.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A warehouse worker must at least know how to read and write. Basic arithmetic skills are needed as well, since they will be counting the stocks and keeping record of it. He/she must be organized and punctual, and not easily distracted. Warehouse workers must also be physically fit and able to carry at least 30lbs of cargo/stocks. Ability to operate a forklift is an added bonus, but is not really required.

Working Conditions:

A warehouse worker works the standard 40 hours a week inside the warehouse. In some cases that they need to stay overtime, they are paid accordingly with premium pay per hour in excess.


The average salary for a warehouse worker is $29,000 annually. Their average salary is dictated by its industry and location. It differs per company. Usually, the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more benefits you receive.

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