Delivery Manager Job Description


Delivery managers are to supervise and ensure that the service given to clients meets the standards of the company. The most important role that a delivery manager plays is communicating with clients the type of service that they want to receive from the company. Delivery managers are the ones in charge of the delivery service group.


The delivery manager oversees an entire team of employees assigned to the timely delivery of goods or products. They are in charge of ensuring the computer and software are running efficiently, building good relationship with their clients and checking all services offered and given to the clients are of high quality. Delivery managers also prepare, plan and execute workshops and trainings for the service delivery team; and they are to connect and meet with clients for service evaluation, though this they will be able to determine the client’s needs.

Education and Training Requirements

There is no formal education to become a delivery manager; however, a bachelor’s degree in any course is necessary. Courses in the arts, sciences and business management are considered for this type of career. Previous trainings and work experience in the related field is highly considered for this job position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A delivery manager must possess strong managerial skills. They should possess excellent skills in administrative work and are knowledgeable in computer software. They are keen in details and can work efficiently under time pressure. They have the ability to multi-task and manage people. Delivery managers are good leaders, well disciplined and can work with minimal supervision. They have excellent communication skills both oral and written. They possess a strong interpersonal relationship with clients. They are very patient, systematic and organized.

Working Conditions

The working environment of a delivery manager is in an office set up. Delivery managers basically work forty hours in a week. They work closely with clients and delivery staff so they must always look neat, clean and respectable. They usually work within regular working hours. They are also to attend meetings with clients and other department heads. Sometimes, they may be required to travel to attend seminars and workshops held outside the office.


The basic annual compensation of a delivery manager is $60,000. This will depend on the size, location and type of the company. Their annual basic pay may also include various benefits like health care, life pension, paid leaves and vacations. Depending on the company they may also receive other bonuses.

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