Proficient Aquatic Manager Job Description


An aquatic manager is responsible for all operations relating to the utilization and use of a complex’s aquatic facilities to promote the safety, convenience and enjoyment of the users. Typical roles of the aquatic manager include participating in the development of programs; handling various swimming activities and maintenance and supervision of the aquatic facilities. Duties are performed under the management of the aquatic complex director. The aquatic manager needs to have thorough knowledge of operation and maintenance of pumps, motors, and other swimming pool equipment.


The aquatic manager oversees and participates in the daily scheduling and operations of swimming pool activities and events, including supervision of lifeguards and other workers. He initiates cleaning and daily maintenance of pool and other related facilities, including maintenance, repairs and adjustments; handles personnel training sessions in subjects related to the aquatic field; participates in the organization and promotion of swimming programs; teaches and supervises various swimming activities such as learn-to-swim classes, swimming techniques, individualized and group lessons, swim clinics, water sports, special events or occasions, recreational and public swimming, diving lessons and other activities; is responsible in managing the collection of daily revenues for the aquatics department; monitors attendance; conducts and analyzes water tests and readings; coordinates and prepares clean up and maintenance of the aquatic facility in weather situations such as storms or hurricanes an performs various duties related to aquatic activities.

Education and Training Requirements

An associate’s degree in recreation, physical education with electives in aquatics is required, or at least three years work experience in aquatics. He needs to be trained in CPR, AED and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The aquatic manager will need certificates such as a water safety instructor’s certificate, a lifeguard training certificate, a current Certified Pool Operator (CPO) or Aquatic Facility Operator (APO).

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A professional attitude is needed to be a good aquatic manager. He needs to be physically in top shape and has good interpersonal and team work skills. He should possess leadership abilities, analytical skills, initiative and motivation and good communication skills.

Working Conditions

Work is performed indoors and out doors and involves personal contacts with the general public. Work schedule of an aquatic manager is highly irregular and may involve evening and night work. Holiday work is expected. Work may involve exposure to harmful chemicals


An aquatic manager makes $48,000 annually on average. Factors such as size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among aquatic managers.

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