Dynamic Assistant Site Manager Job Description


The assistant site manager supervises personnel tasked to do maintenance of a given site. The assistant site manager subcontracts for a skill required on a particular maintenance work which personnel lack. The assistant site manager can hold responsibility for site beautification, budget, maintenance, security, and environmental health and safety.


Assistant site managers verify information related to technical, health or safety guidelines before proceeding with construction to identify any possible problems that may occur. The assistant site manager may also be assigned in overseeing the work of employees on the site and ensure health and safety guidelines are followed. After checking out potential risks on the site, the assistant discusses these with his/her manager. Depending on the needs, the assistant may ask financial support from big bosses to make the necessary changes before site employees do any work. Assistant site managers help in organizing third-party contractors, incurring of materials, scheduling of work, and other activities. If the company manufactures tangible products, the assistant site manager deals with delivering completed products to clients or sales department, ensuring the products are of highest quality. Aside from handling the tasks of site managers when they’re not around, the assistant site manager also helps in completing paperwork, such as safety notices or other types of licenses. He/she also organizes work schedules of employees, oversee site cleanliness, implement safety precautions and health guidelines, and ensure work is done effectively with as less wastage as possible. Assistant site managers relay instructions and company goals to suppliers and subcontractors, build new and existing relationships with third-party service providers, offer continuous feedback related to the projects on hand.

Education and Training Requirements

To become an assistant site manager, one should obtain a degree in electrical or civil engineering. Since this position is usually given to future site managers, the assistant must have relevant work experience or years of employment with the company.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Leadership, strong communication skills, self-motivated, analytical and computer skills are qualities possessed by a good assistant site manager.

Working Conditions

Some work is outdoor conducting site maintenance and some is done in an office setting. In some positions, the assistant site manager has to travel to meet with various individuals such as property owners or event planners.


An assistant site manager makes $52,000 annually on average. Factors such as size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among assistant site managers.

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