Cable Installer Job Description

A cable installer job description applies to technicians who are both hired by telecommunications companies or subcontracted. The installer works a daily service route that can include both residential and commercial assignments.

Position Description

A cable installer performs work on cable televisions, telephones, high speed internet connections and other data installations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Cable Installer

Installs new cable technologies in homes or companies.
Performs service upgrades or downgrades according to customer preferences.
Performs service disconnections due to non-payment for services.
Explains to customers how to use cable equipment after installation is complete.
Handles antennas, satellite dishes and complex wiring systems.
Takes the proper equipment to every job to be prepared for any problem.
Stays up-do-date on technology changes and upgrades and learns new software programs.
Checks gauges, dials and other indicators to determine whether or not equipment is working properly.
Conducts tests and inspections of equipment to make sure it is meeting proper standards.
Troubleshooting operating problems and determining a course of action for repairs.
Repairs faulty equipment.
Performs routine maintenance on equipment.
Analyzes systems to determine if there have been changes in the environment, operations or conditions that affect equipment function.
Observes all safety precautions when installing or repairing equipment.
Works with circuits and fiber optics.
Measures signal quality and modem connections.
Performs work on trunk lines which are the main lines for an entire service area.
Cleans and maintains testing equipment and tools.
Splices cables when necessary.
Keeps electronics certifications current.
Takes continuing education courses to learn new technologies.
Mentors newly hired cable installers.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Must have excellent problem solving skills.
Must be able to visually distinguish colors.
Must have superior dexterity and hand eye coordination.
Must be mechanically inclined.
Must have strong customer service skills.
Basic bookkeeping skills are a plus.
Must have good computer skills.
Must have good math skills.
Excellent time management skills are essential.
Must have good analytical skills.
Must be detail oriented.
Good reading comprehension skills are helpful.
Should have knowledge of AC and DC circuits.

Education and Experience
High School diploma.
Must have valid driver’s license.
Should complete Cable company’s in-house training program.
Internship with a cable company.
Must memorize basic information pertaining to telephones, cable televisions and data installation.
Associates degree in Electronics, Computer Science or a related field.
Certificate in Electronics Repair from a Technical School.
Certification from Electronics Technicians Association.
Certification from Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers.

Work Environment
Must be able to work normal hours of 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.
Must be available to work late on days that are unusually busy.
Time is spent driving a cable companytruck from one location to another.
Must work in private homes or at places of businesses.
Must be able to work in tight spaces, crawl spaces, at high elevations like telephone poles and other hazardous conditions.
Time is spent in electronic service centers and climate controlled offices.

Salaries range from $28,000 to $58,000 per year.
Hourly wages range from $11 an hour to $18 an hour.

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