Cable Technician Job Description


Cable technician install, maintain and repair cable systems. Their job is to make sure that internet, cable televisions and other equipment are properly working and receiving service. Cable technicians are normally employed by telecommunications companies, cable television companies, power companies and internet providers. The job is usually accompanied with risks, so specialized trainings are required and offered by employers.


Cable technicians’ tasks include repairing cable lines and installing cables for newly acquired service or equipment at home or in any business offices. They normally work in feeder lines which provide service for number of providers and can also work on drop line that provides service for a single home. Cable technician also monitors the cable systems of customers to determine potential problems and ensure continuous service. They also maintain the cable system coming from their company to avoid any disrupting cable service. A chief or head cable technician is more experienced and supervises and trains lower-level cable technicians.

Education and Training Requirements

To become a cable technician, one must have a high school diploma. Normally, cable technicians start their careers as cable installers in a cable service company. Career advancement would be easy for those who worked under a cable technician. On the job training programs or electronic repair programs usually last for only 5 to 7 weeks and would be enough to grab the position. Another option in obtaining the job position is to attend vocational schools or community college that offers programs in Telecommunications repair.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A good interpersonal and verbal communication skills are important for cable technicians, who are regularly working with other technicians and customers. Strong mathematics and science skills will also be helpful for cable technicians in effectively performing their job. Cable technicians should be comfortable in working indoors or outdoors and must be able to do his work with minimum supervision.

Working Conditions

The job of a cable technician is quite heavy. It sometimes involves lifting coils of cables and ladders especially when working with cable poles. There are times when a cable technician has to work in underground or confined spaces. Precision and care is needed to do the job properly. As with every conductor maintenance work, the risk of being electrocuted is present. The usual working hours for a cable technician is 40 hours a week. However, they sometimes work late at night to fix necessary repairs. The splicing of cables requires manipulation to position, which involves physical work.


The average yearly salary of a cable technician in the non-supervisory level is about $37,000. However, the earning depends on the education and the experience of the cable technician as well as the location of the company.

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